What is response-ability program?

This is a non-profit volunteer service that began founded in 1974. It started on as vocation awareness for the (SHCJ) society of the holy child Jesus. It is responsible for placing college graduates in the US and all other United States international sites in inner-city Catholic-sponsored schools. This program is affiliated with AmeriCorps and also a member of the Catholic Network Volunteer Services.

This is the SHCJ ministry that was cemented by the educational philosophy of Cornelia Connelly. The program is responsible for training volunteers providing international sites and inner-city schools education and service.

Sisters in the US would gather college students across the US to various sites in the summertime to perform service. Response-Ability was inspired by Teach for America to work in 1993 and launched its Teachers Service Program. Different insurance Calgary volunteers and from other different teams started serving in inner-city parochial school classrooms as teachers. This became of importance to various schools that had at that time faced closure possibilities.

A year later, the program had developed to include other volunteer houses in Washington, DC, and Los Angeles. This is also the time there was a request from the Holy Child Sisters that the volunteers closely work with them in Chile and the Dominican Republic. Most of the volunteers were females, and they worked as social service providers in the education sector and health care.

Currently, there exist ten Response-Ability volunteers that serve in these states. The volunteering members serve in Pre-School in different positions ranging from music teachers, Montessori assistants, and classroom teachers through High school settings. You will find that most of the volunteers had no formal background in the education sector. However, they didn’t rest; they made efforts to partake in ample professional developments that included graduate education courses and intensive orientation training that took two weeks throughout the year. The volunteers additionally had the opportunity to go for biannual retreats to focus and reflect on their growth spiritually.

The importance of pursuing the program

Response-ability training has changed and managed to come up with a curriculum that ensures all students to pursue any college career get a proper orientation to high expectations in the college they will join and the entire learning environment. The response-ability program provides college students specific experience and information that has been designed to help them develop basic habits, mindset, and also skills that will lead you to succeed both socially, academically, and emotionally.

There is regular updating and revision of the entire curriculum based on best practices and research, the students’ academic achievement data, and also stakeholders’ input. The whole comprehensive study program has been designed to allow all students to access the rigorous curriculum that is basic to be ready to undertake a career and also graduate from college.

Student-centered learning provides students with an opportunity to communicate, collaborate, and also provide out such a robust environment that will provide students the opportunity to meet his/her life goals. A student will learn how to communicate their ideas, thinking, and much understanding by using non-verbal/written, oral expressions.

The response-ability program provides students an array of critical thinking and engaging tasks that needs writing, reading, research, verbal communication, and also publication as a method of preparing students who will join various colleges. All training coursework is carried out in a structured learning environment that incorporates performance feedback, modeling, transfer of different training exercises, and also role-playing.

Much emphasis has been placed on ensuring every student gets engaged in different enjoyable, uplifting activities that have been designed to promote positive interpersonal relationships among youth, other campus adults, and also the instructors at large. Pursuing the Response-Ability program will not only lead to students’ improved social-emotional well-being but also will lead to increased academic achievements.


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