If you missed Ellen Johnson on Larry King Live’s “What Happens After We Die?”, here’s the transcript.

A review of Buckman’s “Can We Be Good Without God? Behaviour, Belonging and the Need to Believe.”

Publically funded school refuses entrance to children of atheists or humanists

Activists make plan during Easter convention

Secular rites of passage

The Manitoban asks: Are you a Humanist?

James Randi shares his views on religion

Do the social pressures which influence people to say ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Xmas’ constitute discrimination?

Well-known Canadian Secular Humanist Dr. Henry Morgentaler honoured with his own TV Special which aired Jan. 5/05.

Atheist murdered for his disbelief

A free downloadable book by fellow humanist Francis Hardy called “The Aggressor’s Way”

Presenting a deity for all atheists: The Invisible Pink Unicorn! Blessed Be Her Holy Hooves

American Atheists form GAMPAC

Anger over teaching atheism to children

Eddie Tabash on theist bashing

[Satire] Atheists pack theatre to see … guess who!
[Not Satire] Read more about “Him” here or here.

Freethought Poetry:
What A Friend We Have…
From the Walrus himself, “IMAGINE”
By William F. Denton, “The Freeman’s Resolution”

One atheist’s perspective on abortion.

UK among most secular nations.

A plea for an atheist homeland.

For the curious… presenting “Kissing Hank’s A**”.

Larry Jones, founder and president of the Institute for Humanist Studies, named Humanist of the Year.

A review of “His Dark Materials”, a trilogy by Philip Pullman.

We’ve recently made contact with a pair of freethinking atheists from Calgary. They both have personal sites dealing with the topic of religion. (Note: Not for the faint of heart!) Here’s Steve’s site. This is Larry’s site. By the way, Eric first met Larry at the Amazing Meeting II. In addition to being of Promethean bent, he is also an accomplished magician.

Given the recent media events regarding our group, here’s an article likely close to all our hearts… Freedom from religion

Article by the ‘Godless Geeks’ of Silicon Valley entitled “Why Atheism?”.


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