SHIC usually meets once a month in the Brentwood Co-op Community Room at 7:00pm. The Brentwood Co-op is located north of Crowchild Trail at the Brentwood C-Train Station. Go in the main doors, turn to your right and look for the stairwell leading downstairs.

We also meet informally for Sunday brunches and discussion groups. Members and non-members are welcome. Contact us for more details.

The following dates have been confirmed:

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 7:00-9:00 PM; Brentwood Co-op Community Room (Basement Level). The Co-op is located just north of Crowchild Trail at the Brentwood C-Train station in NW Calgary. Enter the Co-op, turn right and proceed to the stairs down. See, following, the topics for the meeting:

“Individual Responsibility for the Vulnerable?: How to Respond to Non-state Violence and Torture”
This meeting will feature a facilitated discussion of the topic following a presentation of background materials and an explanation of the current situation in Canada. The unfortunate influence of religious affiliation further complicates protecting vulnerable children and others. More background is available here. Recently, the Governor of Michigan has declared: