Living wills in Canada

California opens the door to physician assisted suicide

The myth of dying

Senate brief

Religious Tolerance presents: Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide

Oregon’s physician assisted suicide reports

The fight for the right

Senate committee’s final report on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

Separation of Church and State
A Presbyterian pastor praises the separation

Catholic ban on royal marriages under attack

Religion creeps into Britain’s elections

Air Force Academy attempts to deal with religious discrimination

What exactly is the separation of church and state?

U.S. Lawsuit over teaching ‘Intelligent Design’ theory in Science classes

Stockwell Day continues to mix his religion with our country’s politics

U.S. church/state separation in danger

55% of Nova Scotia voters decide to impose their beliefs on the other 45%

A history of clashes between church and state in Canada

Separation of church and state defined

An overview of church/state separation in Canada

New prayer policy for Fruit Heights

The Village Voice speaks on the separation of church and state.

Skeptics, Forteans and their relation to science

One of the last interviews with a Flat-Earther

Shroud of Turin thoroughly debunked

A little Skeptical Inquirer April Fool!

How to spot quacks

City tries to deal with a curse

B.C. psychic help Nelson police find hiker’s body. Perhaps the police should consider hiring this psychic full time to find dope fields too.

Calgary’s Tavian Barnes strikes a blow for skepticism

Proof that being a skeptic and an authority still has it’s limits

Psychic ‘misled actress to hopeless cancer death’.

Francis Wheen’s recent book, “How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World: A Short History of Modern Delusions”, has a series of excerpts in The Guardian:
The bunkum stops here
Twaddle unswaddled
Francis Wheen’s top 10 modern delusions

An excellent list of logical fallacies with explanations and examples.

Nazis, the Holocaust and the Vatican bank

Bill C-25, Whistleblowing, and you

All about landmines

The G-8 explained

The Gujarat ‘eliminated’ Muslims

BC court orders blood transfusion for 14 year old Jehovah’s Witness

Ban the ‘precautionary principle’

Spys dead wrong

My sense of irony is in overload over banning the abortions of gay children

Can we hope for respect internationally by standing up to the States?

Ernst Zundel bound for Germany

Is our country going to hell?

U.S. government must prove that Guantanamo prisoners are not P.O.W.’s

Garry Trudeau has obviously been collaborating with James Randi. Would you like $10,000?

A tongue in cheek look at the relationship between Saddam Hussein and the U.S.A.

Are the Americans beginning to question political ethics? Bush’s Desolate Imperium

Blogging for peace. Check out some blogs by Salam Pax.

For those of you who love kickin’ it old school with that gangsta rappin’ physicist MC Hawking, you’re going love this! The Hawkman has released “A Brief History of Rhyme”, MC Hawking’s greatests hits. View the promo trailer here. Be sure to click on “WATCH THIS MOVIE!”. Word! Also check out the Hawkman’s newest music vid: “What we need more of is Science”. Remember to click on “WATCH THIS MOVIE!”.

Universal Deja Vu: Is the Universe cyclical?

Global warming hits the Antarctic

What questions could a Bio-Einstein answer? Part 1 and Part 2

3 reasons for humans in space

The top 10 inventions of life

The World Multiconference on Systematics, Cybernetics and Informatics gets pranked with nonsense

What is the Scientific Method?

13 ways to confound a scientist

SEX! It’s the worth the hassle

Intelligent design does not belong in schools

T. Rex tissue discovered

Canada to promote stem cell research

Do religion and science overlap

Oldest upright ancestor’s fossils discovered

NASA finds strong evidence for life on Mars

Sea levels could rise 23 feet over the next century due to the Arctic melt

Human belief, global warming and denial

The Synchrotron opens in Saskatoon

I know it sounds very “New Age”, but here is an actual scientific study into Global Consciousness

Ann Druyan Talks About Science, Religion, Wonder, Awe . . . and Carl Sagan.

Catholic Churches Say Condoms Don’t Stop AIDS

Hate crime defined

How to start a Non-profit

101 tools for tolerance

10 ways to fight hate

From, it’s the Activist’s Handbook

Tools for activists by the Saskatchewan Eco-Network

The Humanists of Florida on “Raising Awareness”

The fine art of complaining

If anyone is interested in being on the CBC mailing list for events, contact Heidi Klaassen.

A new magazine endorsed by the fine folks at Candil: The Walrus


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