What is Secular Humanism?

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What is the Society for Secular Humanists in Calgary?

The Society for Secular Humanists in Calgary was incorporated in Alberta, Canada, on November 15th, 2002. Humanists had been meeting in Calgary for many years and it was with the encouragement from some of those earlier members which led to establishing a formal organization.

The basic objective of the Society, as recorded in its “Application To Form A Society” is:

To study and promote Secular Humanism as an alternative to religious and other supernatural belief systems.

Types of membership in the Society is spelled out in the By-Laws. People over 18 years old who support the basic tenets of Secular Humanism can become Voting Members. (Under 18 membership requires Board approval.) People over 18 who do not necessarily support the tenets of Secular Humanism but who want to find out more about it or who wish to support activities of the Society can become Associate Members.

The full By-Laws of the Society are available here.

A printable Society membership form is available here.

The Society for Secular Humanists in Calgary is loosely affiliated with the Humanist Association of Canada. A membership form for HAC may be found at: here.

What does SHIC provide for it’s members?

SHIC provides its members with discussion groups, guest speakers, the fellowship of other humanists, and humanist resources.