Society for Secular Humanists in Calgary


This is a, by no means comprehensive, list of links that are of interest to SHIC:

Calgary Organizations:
Alberta Skeptics
The Apeiron Society for the Practice of Philosophy
Fair Vote Canada - Calgary
CANDIL :: Canada, Democracy and International Law
The Unitarian Church of Calgary
Calgary Co-operative Memorial Society
Calgary Public Interest Research Group
Activist Network
Irma M. Parhad Programmes
Sheldon Chumir Ethics Foundation
Calgary Circle of Humanistic Jews
Canada Bridges
Unveiling Youth Potential
Canadian Humanists:
Humanist Canada (Canada-wide Organization
Humanist Association of Ottawa
Humanist Association of Toronto
Humanist Association Manitoba
British Columbia Humanist Association
Victoria Secular Humanist Association
Mouvement humaniste la�que qu�b�cois
Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Guelph Humanists
Day of Reason - Blogspot
Freethought Association of Canada
Other Humanist Sites of Interest:

Humanist/Atheist Resources

Humanists Net
The Institute for Humanist Studies
Council for Secular Humanism
International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU)
American Ethical Union (AEU)
The Brights
The Secular Web
Freedom from Religion Foundation
Agnostic Mom: Raising a Healthy Family Without Religion
Spiritual Humanism
Parenting Beyond Belief
American Atheists
The Humanist Hymnal
Agnosticism / Atheism - Skeptical Inquiry, Freethinking, & Religious Philosophy
The Pilate Project
The European Humanist Federation
British Humanist Resources
Dr. Pat Duffy Hutcheon
British Humanist Association
The Atheist Alliance Web Center
Positive Atheism Magazine
International Humanist and Ethical Youth Organisation (IHEYO)
The Happy Heretic Judith Hayes
Humanist in Canada Magazine
Peg Tittle
The Atheist Radio Network
The Secular Freethought Centre - Toronto
Camp Quest Ontario
New Humanist Magazine
Secular Seasons
Heresy House
Atheist World
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
No Beliefs
Secular Student Alliance
Atheism and Politics Pages of Mark Humphrys
The Continuum of Humanist Education
The Rejection of Pascal's Wager: A Skeptic's Guide to Christianity
North Texas Church of Freethought
Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago
Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers
Freethought Radio
Humanist University
Alliance Against Conformity
National Day of Reason
Rationalist International
Darwin Day Celebration
New York Society for Ethical Culture
Prometheus Books
Atheist Revolution Blogspot
Secular Coalition for America
The Humanist Institute
The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism

Philosophy Sites

Philosophy of Religion .Info
Goosing The Antithesis

Religion Sites

Unitarian Universalist Infidels
Philosophy of Religion .Info
The Church of Reality
Recovery From Mormonism
Sea of Faith Network (UK)
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Newsweek-Washington Post "On Faith" Site
Goosing The Antithesis

Humanism Political Sites

Humanist Party (worldwide)
European Humanist Forum
A Secular Humanist Political Agenda

Skeptic Resources

James Randi Educational Foundation
The Skeptic's Annotated Bible
The Skeptic's Annotated Quran
The Skeptic's Annotated Book of Mormon
The Skeptic's Dictionary
Rationalists of East Tennessee
Annapolis Valley Skeptic
Center for Inquiry Transnational
CFI - Point of Inquiry Podcast
CFI - Summer Camp
Skeptic Report (James Randi)
Massimo's Skeptic Web
Darwin Fish and Other Symbols
The Skeptic Tank
Butterflies and Wheels (Ophelia Benson)
Skeptics Annotated: Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon
A Skeptic Reads the Newspaper - Calgary

Civil Rights Resources

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Amnesty International, Canadian Section
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Canadian Human Rights Commission
Human Rights in Canada: A Historical Perspective
Equal Marriage for Same Sex Couples
The Centre for Research and Information about Canada
Net Action
Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre
Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission
Alberta Marriage Act
Alberta Bill of Rights
Alberta Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act
Canadian Civil Liberties Association
Human Rights Watch
Americans United for the Separation of Church and State
The Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Assisted Suicide
Death with Dignity National Center
Dying with Dignity
Right to Die Society of Canada
World Federation of Right to Die Societies

Global Democracy Resources

World Government (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
World Federalist Movement - Canada
Global Solutions (US)
World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy
World Beyond Borders

Science Resources

Dr. W. Sumner Davis
Richard Dawkins
National Center for Science Education
The Unofficial Stephen Jay Gould Archive
Carl Sagan
Galileo Galilei
Stephen Hawking
Better Humans
The Methuselah Mouse Prize
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Victor Stenger
Epigenetics News

Sustainability Resources

Population Institute of Canada
Population Institute - United States
Population Media Center (Vermont)
Resilience Alliance

Humanism on Campus

Center for Inquiry on Campus
Campus Freethought
Carnegie Mellon Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics
University of Pittsburgh Secular Alliance
Dave Fletcher of Aquinas College
University of Toronto Secular Alliance


Landover Baptist Church
Betty Bowers - America's Best Christian
The Official God FAQ
Condoms: What Would Jesus Do?
In Praise of Close-Mindedness

Links Under Consideration:

International Consciousness Research Laboratories
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR)
Institute of Noetic Sciences
American Heritage Party