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If we are going to teach 'creation science' as an alternative to evolution, then we should also teach the stork theory as an alternative to biological reproduction. [Judith Hayes]

Well, it has happened. In the aftermath of Darwin Day, yours truly has been browbeaten into giving equal time to the creationists. Upon reflection though, I realize that in the interests of "ideology-diversity" perhaps we should do our part to lend a hand to those philosophies endangered by science's indifferent natural selection. After all, science (it has been shown) has a truly narrow and pigheaded view when it comes to ideas. Science actually unfairly insists that these ideas model reality! Those ideas that do so survive and those that do not die or are consigned to the fringe no-mans-land of pseudo-science in this "survival-of-the-fittest" arena of science.

And so begins my journey of discovery. I'd like to take this opportunity to offer the SHIC's seal of appro... uh... disclaimer. Some of the information in this article may lead to loss of cognitive ability if attempted to be taken seriously. Children should not under any circumstances read any of this without adult supervision. I cannot stress enough, "THINK RESPONSIBLY".

First off, I'm going to assume that most of you are aware of the claims of both science regarding evolution and creation science regarding biblical creation. Creationism is a minority Christian movement dedicated to promoting the teaching of biblical creation myths in school science classes. It also has the secondary goal of undermining the teaching of evolution in those same venues.

The first thing I ran into during my research was Carl Baugh's Creation Evidence Museum. To quote their mission statement:

Creation research involves interpretation of various facets of the creation model. These interpretations are consistent with the implications of the scientific research carried on by the museum. The entity thus holds to:

  • A recent special creation by the personal Creator

  • A literal six-day creation

  • Biblical inerrancy and compatibility with scientific facts

  • An original orchestrated universal design for the benefit of man, made originally in the image of the Creator

  • The continuing concern of the Creator God in providing man's redemption and the ultimate restoration of an orchestrated universe, consistent with the creation model

These are the guys who helped push the infamous Paluxy River tracks on an unsuspecting world. These tracks were allegedly fossilized dinosaur tracks found alongside giant human footprints. Read up on this earth shaking evolution-refuting discovery here.

Moving right along, I came across the name of Dr. Kent Hovind. Dr. Hovind runs the Creation Science Evangelism site. I briefly skimmed over his site and was amused to find the "Pictures of Dinosaurs in the 20th Century" page. I wasn't familiar with every picture there, but I did recognize the half rotted carcass of the basking shark, the infamous Loch Ness monster and the monster of Lake Champlain.

I then turned my attention to Dr. Hovind himself. What, I asked myself, did Dr. Hovind receive his doctorate in? This proved to be more difficult to find out than I had anticipated. After much searching, I found out that Dr. Hovind holds a Ph.D. in education. What was more interesting is the story of "Patriot University" and his dynamic ever changing never published thesis. There are better write ups than mine on the subject. I suggest you look into one of them here.

Iím going to include my very first exposure to creation science next. It was through Chick Publications. Chick Publications has been around longer than dirt. They produce those offensive little comic book tracts that everyone finds at pay phones. They are known for their attacks on Jews, Muslims, Catholics, rock music, gays, new agers and just about anyone else who doesnít toe the fundigelical party line. They use conspiracy theories and other fear tactics for the most part. Big Daddy is one of their older tracts. It was my first exposure to creation science. It is also about as unscientific as they come consisting mostly of appeals to ancient scripture and faulty reasoning. Hereís a parody of it featuring Dr. Dino!

Well, thatís about all I can handle for the moment. I think that if Iím to seriously digest any more of this, my brain will liquefy and dribble out my ear. Iím willing and able to suspend my disbelief when I go to a theatre, but when expected to suspend by reason as wellÖ Thereís only so much that can be expected of me!

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